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1.Beyond Madness Opening:
A movie I Made in my early days of flash use,
it was my very first hand drawn movie and I
think I did a pretty good job on it.

2.FFVI:The Return Part 1:

I made this in 1 day after watching
Vinstigator's the day after series, I don't
know how it ended up getting such a high
score on newgrounds because I think it's
crap, oh well can't complain :)

3.Kerpal Calls Arnie:

Another movie made in virtually no time,
the drawings are soooo lame, i've improved
alot since making this movie.

4.Megaman Crew 1&2:
This was my first completed sprite movie and one
of my first projects, it's the first 2 episodes of the
series but I don't know if i'll ever do episode 3.